First Half of 2022 Grand Prize Winner 24th Street

The 24th Street Director Free Quotation Comparison Site is the nation’s largest director site with approximately 500 directors with transportation clearance.

If you enter the moving information using the first automatic quotation submission system in Korea, you can check the estimated amount submitted by the moving company in 3 seconds.

Customers can check the estimated moving price information they want without having to wait, and the reverse auction system is where many companies compete, so they can receive an economical moving price and high-quality service.

In particular, the company provides better services such as quitting bad companies by implementing a review or strikeout system, and in the event of problems between board members and customers, most disputes are resolved through the mediation of the 24th headquarters.

Tough and hectic move! Please select a good company and finish it comfortably and comfortably.

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